Gets the metadata anonymous type asynchronous. Returns (Task)

Find Metadata that is related to the designated Base that may not have a specific type. The method will attempt to deserialize the stored object.

Name Description
baseInfo The base information.
application The application.
annonymousTypeObject a sample of the type of result expected.

Get Metadata Anonymous Type Async

Example in C#

// Returns: T
var item = await client.GetMetadataAnonymousTypeAsync<T>(BaseInfo baseInfo, String application, T annonymousTypeObject)

Example in CURL

            curl -X GET \
                -H 'Authorization: Bearer TOKEN_GOES_HERE'

         An example of retrieving metadata about a person into an anonymous type.

Example in C#

            var meta = await client.GetMetadataAnonymousTypeAsync(personInfo, "OfficePartyInfo", new {FavPizzaToppings = new string[]{}, needsDaycare=false});
            Console.WriteLine($"{personInfo.CommonName} likes {meta.FavPizzaToppings} on his pizza, and when organizing a party, he {needsDaycare?"needs" : "does not need"} daycare");