Async invoke to add a free text note to any BaseInfo objectAll BaseInfo objects have a collection of notes that may be attached using this method. The texts of the notes become part of the text index for the object and as such can be used by the Search API Returns (Task.)

Create a Note object attached to a BaseInfo object.

Name Description
note The Note Info object to attach to the baseInfo instance
baseInfo The base information.

Add Note Async

Example in C#

// Returns: T
var item = await client.AddNoteAsync<T>(T baseInfo, NoteInfo note)

Example in CURL

           curl -X POST \
               -H 'Authorization: Bearer TOKEN_GOES_HERE' \
               -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
               -d '
                   "$type":"Feenics.Keep.WebApi.Model.NoteInfo, Feenics.Keep.WebApi.Model",
                   "NoteText":"Note for cUrl Example",