Represents a POST request send through the API to reset the current user’s password.

This is used to request a user to reset their password for the application.

ResetPasswordRequest Properties


Field Type Inherited from Description
NewPassword String ResetPasswordRequest Gets or sets the new password.
OldPassword String ResetPasswordRequest Gets or sets the old password.

JSON Structure of ResetPasswordRequest

   "NewPassword"	:	"String",
   "OldPassword"	:	"String"

Reset Password Async

Example in C#

// Returns: nothing
await client.ResetPasswordAsync(String oldPassword, String newPassword)

Example in CURL

           curl -X POST \
               -H 'Authorization: Bearer TOKEN_GOES_HERE' \
               -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
               -D '{
                       "$type":"Feenics.Keep.WebApi.Model.ResetPasswordRequest, Feenics.Keep.WebApi.Model",
                       "OldPassword":"Old Password",
                       "NewPassword":"New Password"