This is part of the destination dispatch (elevator, turnstile, etc) configuration system for Otis.

OtisDestinationDispatchSettings Properties

DestinationDispatchSettings -> OtisDestinationDispatchSettings

Field Type Inherited from Description
FloorOffset Int32 OtisDestinationDispatchSettings Offset for floor mapping to define negative floor numbers
HasFrontAndRearFloors Boolean OtisDestinationDispatchSettings When true indicate Front and Rear Floors
IsOtisPrimaryController Boolean OtisDestinationDispatchSettings This flag sets the device to an Otis Primary ControllerThis device will be connected to the Otis DDS. This needs to be set even if Secondary Controller(s) are NOT configured. To set an Otis Secondary Controller, bit 0 should be cleared AND one ACR on the controller should be configured to ACR_A_OT_1

JSON Structure of OtisDestinationDispatchSettings

   "FloorOffset"	:	"Int32",
   "HasFrontAndRearFloors"	:	"Boolean",
   "IsOtisPrimaryController"	:	"Boolean"