Identifies this Controller as a Mercury M5 Bridge Intelligent Controller (replacement of Casi Micro5 legacy controllers)

Mercury’s M5-IC Controller board (IC board) for the Micro5 (M5 enclosure) is part of Mercury Security’s bridging hardware technology and serves as an intelligent controller providing decision making, event reporting, and database. The IC board replaces the M5 enclosure’s CPU board (PX, PXN, PXNplus) and the Power / Communication boards for currently installed M5 enclosures. The IC board communicates with the host via on-board 10Base T/100Base-TX Ethernet port. The alternate host communication port is an optional 10Base T/100Base-TX Ethernet port using a Lantronix Micro125 interface daughter board, p/n MO11AA003-01R, or equivalent. Mercury’s M5 I/O modules are connected via an internal communication bus. Downstream enclosures are communicated to by means of a 2-wire RS-485 interface (TB-2).

M5_ICInfo Properties

Item -> BaseInfo -> ControllerInfo -> MercuryControllerInfo -> M5_ICInfo

Field Type Inherited from Description
Href String Item Gets or sets the href.
CommonName String BaseInfo Common Name of the resource.The common name of the resource.
InFolderHref String BaseInfo relative path Href value for the containing folderAll objects exist within a folder. Even folders!
InFolderKey String BaseInfo Represents the internal ID of the containing folder
IsGlobal Boolean BaseInfo If set True, the object will be exposed to the entire instance scope in which it resides. Meaning this object will always pass scope wide permissions tests when being queried although other restrictions such as by type will still apply (You need at least Read on the object type to see it regardless where you are in the instance scope). This Attribute is intended for use with AccessLevelInfo objects only. Use with other model objects may cause unexpected behaviors. Particularly this should not be used with ScheduleInfos, HolidayInfos, HolidayDayInfos, or ElevatorAccessLevelInfos. In time more objects will be allowed for use with this attribute but for the time being please only use with AccessLevelInfo Objects.
Key String BaseInfo Represents the internal ID of the object.
Links List<Link> BaseInfo List of related resourcesIt is expected that a resource will have many related resources (i.e. person has many access levels) Consumers of the API are encouraged to iterate through the list of links requesting this additional information as required.
Metadata MetadataItem[] BaseInfo The set of metadata attached to this resourceMetadata is opaque to the server code. Key value pairs are saved as part of a client activity. Users of the Native windows client, are able to design custom forms to display and edit scalar values in the meta data.
Monikers MonikerItem[] BaseInfo the set of Monikers for this object
Notes NoteInfo[] BaseInfo The set of notes attached to this resourceNotes are free form text only that is stored in chronological order. All notes are retrieved as part of an OBJECT get. Notes may be added as one POST but not updated with a PUT of the primary resource. WHen the resource is deleted all the notes are also deleted.
ObjectLinks ObjectLinkItem[] BaseInfo The set of resources that are related to this resourceFrequently resources have a one to one, or one to many relationship with other resources in the system. Use this set of links to discover related resources. 2016/09/29 Href property of the related resource may be null. In which case it’s expected that a set of related objects has already been retrieved by the client and the Key value will be used to index into that set.
Tags String[] BaseInfo the set of tags for this objectTags are used to group objects together for the purposes of selection and assignment of operation rights
IsDisabled Boolean ControllerInfo Indicates that the controller is disabled. All connection attempts should be refused if true, and connected controllers should be disconnected when change to true is detected.
LastPing Nullable<DateTime> ControllerInfo Date and time of the last communication with the communication service (UTC). This property can be used to check if the last online status is valid or not.
LastUpdatedOn Nullable<DateTime> ControllerInfo Gets or sets the LastUpdatedOn value
MacAddress String ControllerInfo The Mac Address of the controller, expected format 00:00:00:00:00:00. Must be unique across DatabaseAll controllers are assumed to be IP devices, that will identify to the comm system using their MacAddress
TimeZone String ControllerInfo String representation of the timezone the controller is in, set according to POSIX.1 TZ standardsFor example: EST5EDT,M3.2.0/2,M11.1.0/2 Use a 3 letter Abbreviation for the Standard Time and daylight saving time, plus the hours difference from UTC
Version String ControllerInfo Major Minor Build number of the firmware as reported by the controller
ActivePorts ActivePortItem[] MercuryControllerInfo Set of active SIO ports defined for this controller. An active port is required for downstream communication.
DestinationDispatchSettings DestinationDispatchSettings MercuryControllerInfo Gets or sets the DestinationDispatchSettings value
EnableLargeEncodedCardNumber Boolean MercuryControllerInfo Used when reading all binary data as an encoded card number, especially when using PIV Class 128 bit cards. Mercury Controllers support up to 64 bits as an encoded card number.
Status ControllerStatusItem MercuryControllerInfo Controller Status as set by the Mercury Communications Service

JSON Structure of M5_ICInfo

   "Href"	:	"String",
   "CommonName"	:	"String",
   "InFolderHref"	:	"String",
   "InFolderKey"	:	"String",
   "IsGlobal"	:	"Boolean",
   "Key"	:	"String",
   "Links"	:	"List\<[Link](/object-model/link)\>",
   "Metadata"	:	"[MetadataItem](/object-model/metadataitem)[]",
   "Monikers"	:	"[MonikerItem](/object-model/monikeritem)[]",
   "Notes"	:	"[NoteInfo](/object-model/noteinfo)[]",
   "ObjectLinks"	:	"[ObjectLinkItem](/object-model/objectlinkitem)[]",
   "Tags"	:	"String[]",
   "IsDisabled"	:	"Boolean",
   "LastPing"	:	"Nullable\<DateTime\>",
   "LastUpdatedOn"	:	"Nullable\<DateTime\>",
   "MacAddress"	:	"String",
   "TimeZone"	:	"String",
   "Version"	:	"String",
   "ActivePorts"	:	"[ActivePortItem](/object-model/activeportitem)[]",
   "DestinationDispatchSettings"	:	"[DestinationDispatchSettings](/object-model/destinationdispatchsettings)",
   "EnableLargeEncodedCardNumber"	:	"Boolean",
   "Status"	:	"[ControllerStatusItem](/object-model/controllerstatusitem)"