These are the settings for the Kone Elevator dispatch system for an person that will be using the elevator.

KoneElevatorUserSettingsInfo Properties

Item -> ElevatorUserSettingsInfo -> KoneElevatorUserSettingsInfo

Field Type Inherited from Description
Href String Item Gets or sets the href.
ControllerKey String ElevatorUserSettingsInfo Gets or sets the ControllerKey value
CardHolderFlags KoneCardHolderFlags KoneElevatorUserSettingsInfo Choose how the elevator should work for this user.
DefaultFloor Int32 KoneElevatorUserSettingsInfo Choose the default floor number.
DefaultFloorType KoneFloorDefaultType KoneElevatorUserSettingsInfo Choose if the default floor type should be front or back.
KoneCabinAccessId String KoneElevatorUserSettingsInfo Select the elevator cabin access the user should use. This must be a valid Object Id value (a 24 digit hex string).

JSON Structure of KoneElevatorUserSettingsInfo

   "Href"	:	"String",
   "ControllerKey"	:	"String",
   "CardHolderFlags"	:	"[KoneCardHolderFlags](/object-model/konecardholderflags)",
   "DefaultFloor"	:	"Int32",
   "DefaultFloorType"	:	"[KoneFloorDefaultType](/object-model/konefloordefaulttype)",
   "KoneCabinAccessId"	:	"String"