Keep Object Model

This site uses Feenics Model Nuget Package Version: 1.9.226.

The following objects are all apart of the Keep object model.

There’s a lot in here. I would suggest tackling the content on an as needed basis and keeping this document handy.

Field Type Description
Key string The object unique identifier.Can be parsed to a BSON ObjectId.And I’m wondering how this will look. If I have a very long piece of text that goes with the description of this field. Not very easy to read in the .md file
CommonName string Common name of the resource, typically used in for display in reports, data grids, drop - down lists.etc.There is no automatic syncing of this value with other textual data.For example the CommonName of a PersonInfo object may not be the same as a con - cat of the GivenName + Surname. Likewise the CommonName may not be an accurate reflection of what a ScheduleInfo object actually is.
InFolderHref string The Href of the Folder where this object lives.