Use this to set the Origo customer configuration.

Overview of OrigoCustomerConfiguration goes here.

OrigoCustomerConfiguration Properties


Field Type Inherited from Description
ClientId String OrigoCustomerConfiguration The client id is similar to a user name for the applied secret and customer id. It is how Hid Origo knows who is requesting information.
ClientSecret String OrigoCustomerConfiguration This is the secret of which the form depends on the grant type being used. It could be the password associated with the client ID.
CustomerId String OrigoCustomerConfiguration Origo Customer ID.
DefaultPartNumber String OrigoCustomerConfiguration Identifies the HID Mobile Access part number to use with issuing new mobile credentials. This value is availabe from the HID Mobile Credentials Management Portal
GrantType String OrigoCustomerConfiguration Identifies the type of credentials are being provided. For example a valid credential type is: “client_credentials”.

JSON Structure of OrigoCustomerConfiguration

   "ClientId"	:	"String",
   "ClientSecret"	:	"String",
   "CustomerId"	:	"String",
   "DefaultPartNumber"	:	"String",
   "GrantType"	:	"String"

Delete Origo Customer Configuration

Example in C#

// Returns: nothing
await client.DeleteOrigoCustomerConfiguration(InstanceInfo instanceInfo)

Get Origo Customer Configuration

Example in C#

// Returns: OrigoCustomerConfiguration
var origoCustomerConfiguration = await client.GetOrigoCustomerConfiguration(InstanceInfo instanceInfo)

Set Origo Customer Configuration

Example in C#

// Returns: nothing
await client.SetOrigoCustomerConfiguration(InstanceInfo instanceInfo, OrigoCustomerConfiguration configuration)

Example in CURL

           curl -X POST \
               https://keepapi.feenicshosting.com/api/origo/configuration \
               -H 'Authorization: Bearer TOKEN_GOES_HERE' 
               -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
               -d '{