Organizations can use this object to get details of the organization/customer for Origo.

This is the Owner of the Mobile Credential Store, HID’s Direct Customer. To relate to Keep Client ‘Info’ objects this would be similar to an InstanceInfo. What this means exactly is that the client determines the scope that houses the rest of the information that you require to use for Origo.

Customer Properties


Field Type Inherited from Description
ActiveUsers Int32 Customer Count of active users
Id String Customer Organization/Customer id
Licenses License[] Customer Subscription details of organization (applicable only when subscriptionMode is not ‘Perpetual’)
MobileKeysets String Customer Mobile references
Name String Customer Organization/Customer name
SubscriptionMode String Customer Subscription mode such as Perpetual, Full term subscription.
TotalUsers Int32 Customer Count of total users (applicable only when subscriptionMode is not ‘Perpetual’)
pendingInvitations Int32 Customer This is the count of how many pending invitations there are currently.

JSON Structure of Customer

   "ActiveUsers"	:	"Int32",
   "Id"	:	"String",
   "Licenses"	:	"[License](/object-model/license)[]",
   "MobileKeysets"	:	"String",
   "Name"	:	"String",
   "SubscriptionMode"	:	"String",
   "TotalUsers"	:	"Int32",
   "pendingInvitations"	:	"Int32"