Keep Exception Messages

Value Description Additional Explanation
MongoInitializationFailure Mongo Initialization Failure
InstanceDoesNotExist Instance Does Not Exist
UserDoesNotExist User Does Not Exist
NewPasswordRequired New Password Required
UserIsDisabled User Is Disabled
UserIsLockedOut User Is Locked Out
IncorrectPassword Incorrect Password
UserCannotChangePassword User Cannot Change Password
PasswordExpired Password Expired
CannnotChangePasswordOnLogin Cannnot Change Password On Login
PasswordDoesNotMeetMinimumLength Password Does Not Meet Minimum Length
PasswordDoesNotMeetComplexityRule Password Does Not Meet Complexity Rule
PasswordRecentlyUsed Password Recently Used
UnableToUpdateObject Unable To Update Object
ObjectNotFound Object Not Found
CannotUpdateMissingObjectId Cannot Update Missing Object Id
MissingFolder Missing Folder
UnableToMoveToFolderMissingPermissions Unable To Move To Folder Missing Permissions
IncorrectUsageKeyProvidedOnInsert Incorrect Usage Key Provided On Insert
CannotInsertDuplicateName Cannot Insert Duplicate Name
GroupDoesNotExist Group Does Not Exist
ArgumentNotAnObjectId Argument Not An Object Id
ValueCannotBeNull Value Cannot Be Null
MaxDownstreamExceeded Max Downstream Exceeded
MaxDownstreamPeripheralsExceeded Max Downstream Peripherals Exceeded
MaxPeripheralsExceeded Max Peripherals Exceeded
UnexpectedGeneralException Unexpected General Exception
PeripheralMissingDownstreamLink Peripheral Missing Downstream Link
UnableToTakeOwnershipMissingPermissions Unable To Take Ownership Missing Permissions
UnableToSearchHiddenObjectsMissingPermissions Unable To Search Hidden Objects Missing Permissions
UnableToScopeObjectToInstance Unable To Scope Object To Instance
CardIsAlreadyAssigned Card Is Already Assigned
MustSupplyTwoFactorPassword Must Supply Two Factor Password
IncorrectTwoFactorPassword Incorrect Two Factor Password
MissingPersonForUser Missing Person For User
CannotInsertDuplicateUser Cannot Insert Duplicate User
UsernameCannotBeNull Username Cannot Be Null
BadQueryFormat Bad Query Format
ServiceContainerNotFoundByMacAddress Service Container Not Found By Mac Address
ServiceContainerHasAssociatedUser Service Container Has Associated User
MissingInInstanceLink Missing In Instance Link
MissingInstance Missing Instance
DuplicateCardNumberInBatch Duplicate Card Number In Batch
MissingInstanceScopeLink Missing Instance Scope Link
CannotInsertDuplicateMoniker Cannot Insert Duplicate Moniker
PermissionsError Permissions Error
InvalidAggregateOperation Invalid Aggregate Operation
InvalidAggregateTimeout Invalid Aggregate Timeout
DuplicatePinCode Duplicate Pin Code
CannotMoveInstanceToItself Cannot Move Instance To Itself
CannotMoveInstanceToNonVarInstance Cannot Move Instance To Non Var Instance
CannotMoveSharedInstance Cannot Move Shared Instance
CannotMoveInstanceAlreadyInTargetInstance Cannot Move Instance Already In Target Instance
CannotChangeEncodedCardNumber Cannot Change Encoded Card Number
DuplicateEngageDevice Duplicate Engage Device
CannotChangeCardHexValue Cannot Change Card Hex Value
CardHexValueNotPadded Card Hex Value Not Padded
CardHexValueNotValid Card Hex Value Not Valid
UnableToFindAndUpdateIdentityCounter Unable To Find And Update Identity Counter
CannotChangeRecordId Cannot Change Record Id
CurrentUserNotSet Current User Not Set
CannotChangeFolder Cannot Change Folder
CannotObliterateRootInstance Cannot Obliterate Root Instance
MissingSystemInPermissionsTest Missing System In Permissions Test
MissingCurrentInstance Missing Current Instance
DuplicateInstanceName Duplicate Instance Name
QueryTooLarge Query Too Large
DuplicateMacAddress Duplicate Mac Address
CannotUpdateControllerPackage Cannot Update Controller Package
CannotSetDestinationDispatchSettings Cannot Set Destination Dispatch Settings
CannotSetDestinationReaderSettings Cannot Set Destination Reader Settings
MissingControllerLink Missing Controller Link
CannotDeleteCardAssignment Cannot Delete Card Assignment
DuplicateElevatorUserSettingForController Duplicate Elevator User Setting For Controller
MultipleUsersForPerson Multiple Users For Person
InputScannerReportingPrioritiesIncorrect Input Scanner Reporting Priorities Incorrect
IncorrectAddressingModeForInterface Incorrect Addressing Mode For Interface
DuplicateCardNumberInPerson Duplicate Card Number In Person
CurrentInstanceNotRoot Current Instance Not Root
CannotChangeControllerType Cannot Change Controller Type
CannotChangeControllerToSameType Cannot Change Controller To Same Type
CannotChangeControllerNoCompatibleType Cannot Change Controller No Compatible Type
CannotRemoveMultipleLinkedObjects Cannot Remove Multiple Linked Objects
ExceedingMaximumHolidayDayLimit Cannot Remove Multiple Linked Objects
UnableToAquireLock Unable To Aquire Lock
ExceedingMaximumHolidayTypesLimit Exceeding Maximum Holiday Types Limit
ValidationError Validation Error
AlreadyUsingHoliday2 Already Using Holiday2
ExceedingMaximumHolidayForDaysValue Exceeding Maximum Holiday For Days Value
DuplicateOrigoConfiguration Duplicate Origo Configuration
MasterHolidayOptInNotSet Master Holiday Opt In Not Set
NotVarInstance Not Var Instance
HolidayDayAlreadySubscribed HolidayDay Already Subscribed
NotMasterHoliday Not Master Holiday
CannotEditSubscribedHolidayDay Cannot Edit Subscribed HolidayDay
InvalidOperation Invalid Operation
CannotSubscribeMasterHolidayDayToItself Cannot Subscribe Master HolidayDay To Itself
InvalidInstanceName Invalid Instance Name
NoMessage No Message
CannotRemoveConfiguration Cannot Remove Configuration
ReaderIsNotVersioned Reader Is Not Versioned
ReaderIsNotSchlage Reader Is Not Schlage
CannotMoveEnterpriseToEnterprise Cannot Move Enterprise To Enterprise
ServiceContainerNonceIsNull Service Container Nonce Is Null
DuplicateServiceContainerNonce Duplicate Service Container Nonce
MustDisableIfMissingMacAddress Must Disable If Missing Mac Address
InstanceIsDisabled Instance Is Disabled
NotModified Not Modified