There are 4 types of instances available in Keep by Feenics™. With each Instance type there are specific restrictions. The instance type is determined by the license that is applied to the instance.

Type Description/Purpose Restrictions
VAR Value Added Reseller Instance. Used to group customer instances under a single management hierarchy Created by Feenics when a reseller is enrolled.
Enterprise Used by national and international end user organizations None
Standard Used by local end user organizations Maximum of 255 schedules; cannot span geographic regions
Shared Child instances of Enterprise, used to locate data within a specific geographic region Child of Enterprise Instance

Example in C#

var instanceName = "_YOURVARINSTANCE_";
var username = "_YOURUSERNAME_";
var client = new Client("");
var (isLoggedIn, loginError, loginErrorMsg) = await client.LoginAsync(instanceName, username, password);
    var currentInstance = await client.GetCurrentInstance();
    var customerInstance = await client.CreateInstance