There are a number of broad concepts that must be understood to take advantage of the Keep by Feenics™ services.

Something very important to remember is that connected items must be in the same instance in order to function as expected. The only time when you can get results for a different instance is when you are searching and ask for the results to contain child instances. What this means, for example, is when you are creating an access level and you connect a reader and schedule together they must be in the same instance.

Variable Type Overview

The development of our api utilizes C# and as such is subject to C#‘s typing rules. All our variables used behave exactly as Microsoft describes in this document unless we explicitly advise otherwise.

These examples are for specific items but these variable types may be repeated throughout the Object Model and will behave the same way as listed below.

Note everywhere else may not list if it is a System Item. If there is no link to an object within the model it is safe to assume it is a system item.

Variable Inherited Type Description
TimeZone ControllerInfo System.String The Time Zone field is set according to POSIX.1 TZ standards and is entered as a String.
MacAddress ControllerInfo System.String A Mac Address needs to be of the form XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX and entered as a String.
DayMask ScheduleDurationItem System.Int32 This is a the standard system Int32 Struct. A Day Mask is set by bit manipulation. Take 7 bits, one for each day, and the days you want included set to 1. Therefore if I want to only have a Day Mask for Tuesday it would look like this: 0000100; which equals 4. A Day Mask for Monday to Friday: 0111110; which equals 62. (Sat = 1000000, Sun = 0000001, Mon = 0000010)
Duration ScheduleDurationItem System.TimeSpan This is a the standard system TimeSpan Struct.
EndsOn AccessLevelInfo Nullable<System.DateTime> This is a the standard system DateTime Struct but if there is no DateTime it will be null (Nullable).
LockFunctionMode Ad400ReaderInfo Nullable<System.Int32> This is a the standard system Int32 Struct but if there is no value it will be null (Nullable).
UseStrikeFollower Ad400ReaderInfo Nullable<System.Boolean> This is a the standard system Boolean Struct but if there is no value it will be null (Nullable).
Width BadgeTypeInfo System.Double This is a the standard system Double Struct